Blog is now open!

We are still a web design and technology company at the core but we are now offering a good chunk of our time on wildlife conservation so we can help and give back to the community. It’s the least we can do afterall but that’s another story for another blogpost.

We had a trip to the Philippines recently and met with some cool people in the same industry. We attended a couple seminars and events and in one of these events, we learned that 3d printing (or 3d milling) was still pretty new over here. We looked around on the internet to check if there were local suppliers or distributors. We wanted to connect the people here with what we already know (a good chunk of our projects last year was about this so we had to at least help out)

I was surprised to see only 1 company called Dynamodo so we called them up and quickly told them our story. The nice guys over there hooked us up with a machine we know VERY well, the Roland imodela. 

The rest was history. Before going back to Alaska, we knew we had left a mark and helped the great people over there, it’s the least we can do since they showed us some great local hospitality. :)