My Crazy Idea

After visiting the Philippines, I always can get over with the bubble milk tea. I notice that there are many competitor changing the feelings, but only few change the milk! Yes, your right I’m thinking of changing the milk to soya milk, coconut milk, goat milk, almond milk, yogurt and etc!

Lately I’ve been research for all type of milk that can help me create a new milk tea product. I’m still not finish in my research mode, but I’m pretty confident something new will be produce!

With the lesson I learn from the Philippines, I’m confident in it. I already found some supplier, but still trying to find some alternative.

Anyway, my motto right now new year = new creativity!

Cheers! Enjoy 2015!


What Goes On in a Bubble Tea Supplier Training Class in Manila

I’m currently here in the Philippines. I met with a couple friends from my last visit here. They have a new venture about milk tea, or what we call bubble tea back home, albeit not as big a deal as it is here. I was invited to check out a supplier training class and since I was free that morning, I went on ahead and gave it a try. It’s always great to learn something new, right?

Everyone is familiar with the way Starbucks trains its potential employees. Usually, the applicants need to enroll in a short course where they will be taught how to become effective baristas. Of course, since this training will involve the use of heavy machinery and the disclosure of recipe secrets, you can imagine that this short course will require a fee.

The same is true for those who want to master the art of making boba tea. If you are currently living in the Philippines, you may be aware that this beverage is becoming a household name. It is the type of cold drink that can be enjoyed by everyone from the summer months up to the cold, Christmas season.

While making boba tea may seem very easy to do, you have to understand that there are special techniques and better equipment that will ensure that the product you are making is the best one. Thus, a short course is offered to those who would like to create boba teas for a living. The course is very short, usually requiring a day or two, and the tuition fee is quite affordable.

In the Philippines, there is a company named Popular Household Names Inc. that offers these training sessions. The course is all about creating the perfect blend of bubble tea by hand or by machine. This company can be reached via or by calling its official land line number.

To make sure that students of the short courses obtain the highest level of knowledge about boba tea, a bubble tea supplier is often tasked to lecture about the product. This includes the differences among the kinds of bubble teas and how to make bobas. Of course, he will teach the pupils how to cook these pearls.

It is very important that the servers of bubble tea take these short courses because they will learn how to handle the heavy machinery that they need to use regularly. The equipment will enable them to serve customers better. With these machines, the time it takes to prepare the beverage will be cut in half.

There are two kinds of machines that the expert baristas will show to the students. First, there is the automatic sealing machine, which is responsible for sealing the tops of the cups with clear, plastic film. You can manipulate the machine in such a way as to show the date and time of the preparation, as well as the company name.

Fructose Machine

Fructose Machine

Another machine is called the fructose machine, which is responsible for measuring the amount of fructose that needs to be added into the mix. A lot of establishments do not have the equipment, opting instead to measure sugar mechanically. However, you will find that this machine is vital to use, particularly if the customer is diabetic.

Of course, the most important thing that a potential barista will learn is to prepare boba tea without wasting precious ingredients. How is this done? There are supplies that are imprinted with measure lines to guide the server on the exact amount of ingredients to put in the mixture, based on the size of the serving.

Finally, a bubble tea supplier will teach potential baristas the rules and regulations of the job. This will include safety and cleanliness ethics that need to be followed strictly. Upon completing the training, the student will receive certification.

I learned alot during my brief stay in the class. I’m sad I couldn’t stay longer but I have to go and meet with Johnny and the boys now. I’ll post the rest of our adventures soon! See you then!

We Are Aiming for an Office Like This

We saw this on our social media feed today. We’d love to have this kind of office by the end of the year. Hopefully things keep going for us. It’s been hard but it’s definitely been worth every second.

I’ll be heading back over to the Philippines in a couple days. I hope to see all the people I met back then again.


Simple but Efficient

My friend just left Canada and is now in Asia to Practice Acupuncture and Medicine

It’s been a while since I blogged. A lot of things have changed and one of the bigger things is that one of my closest friends, is headed to Asia, specifically, the Philippines to practice Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I don’t understand why he chose that country, maybe because I could never stop talking about it ever since I came from there.

Anyway, I want to support him and wish him the best. I know nothing about Chinese medicine but I’ve been around him for too long during our stay in Beijing and I know he knows his stuff well. It’s rare to see a korean, speaking mandarin fluently, that can do BOTH acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. So here’s his website ( and more power to you!

Just helping a friend in need for Their English Bulldog Stud Service in the Philippines

Hey guys, my friend in the Philippines need some help with her english bulldog. I know there are a lot of readers coming from the Philippines here so I’m giving a shout-out to those that own this breed, a female one.

This is their English Bulldog stud service in the Philippines Facebook page. Their bulldog is a virgin though so they are really looking for someone that would want to give him a shot. You can look at their facebook page to see more pictures and a video. He’s pretty smart so take a look. It’s worth a shot.

sir royce english bulldog


Isn’t that cute or what? Contact them today and try out their Bully. I met him once when i visited Manila and he’s very active. Get this dog de-virginized already!

We’re off to Alaska!

We just finished our Asian tour. On the way back to the place we call home. We missed the cold weather. We have a lot of pictures to show everyone and we hope the new friends we gained will never forget about us! 

Add me on Facebook guys! Let’s continue our awesome discussions there. Can’t wait to tell everyone I know about my experiences and the great adventures. 

Until we all meet again!

Blog is now open!

We are still a web design and technology company at the core but we are now offering a good chunk of our time on wildlife conservation so we can help and give back to the community. It’s the least we can do afterall but that’s another story for another blogpost.

We had a trip to the Philippines recently and met with some cool people in the same industry. We attended a couple seminars and events and in one of these events, we learned that 3d printing (or 3d milling) was still pretty new over here. We looked around on the internet to check if there were local suppliers or distributors. We wanted to connect the people here with what we already know (a good chunk of our projects last year was about this so we had to at least help out)

I was surprised to see only 1 company called Dynamodo so we called them up and quickly told them our story. The nice guys over there hooked us up with a machine we know VERY well, the Roland imodela. 

The rest was history. Before going back to Alaska, we knew we had left a mark and helped the great people over there, it’s the least we can do since they showed us some great local hospitality. :)